Introducing: The DeepSpar PDR System™

There is more to professional data recovery than technology!

The DeepSpar Professional Data Recovery (PDR) System™ is a complete solution of knowledge, technology, methodology and business management tools that solves the everyday challenges of professional data recovery (PDR) technicians and managers. The PDR System takes most of the risk out of building and growing a professional data recovery company . . . and gives you confidence of a successful adventure.


3D Phases
& Issues






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Our Story: The evolution of the first professional data recovery system


Many data recovery (DR) technicians believe that all you need to run a data recovery business is some technology, ingenuity and customers. We believe – and our customers are proof – that it takes more than technology to start or grow a professional data recovery (PDR) company.

The DeepSpar PDR (Professional Data Recovery) System™ takes most of the risk out of building a professional data recovery company . . . and gives you one hell of a successful adventure. You can hook your company to this proven system of knowledge, methodology, technology and business systems . . . and go to whatever depths you choose

The 3D Data Recovery Phases & Issues, The PDR Workflow™, The PDR Toolset™, and The PDR Manager™ are the DNA of this new system from DeepSpar. Add one piece of DeepSpar gear to your equipment kit today, or all of it and change your mind as your business changes. As long as this industry keeps surprising us (and we expect it to), we guarantee you there will always be something new.


In 2006, we did some deep sea research on data recovery. We discovered the 3D Data Recovery Phases & Issues, which became a worldwide PDR industry standard. You would never dive where you didn’t know something about the terrain. In PDR waters, we scouted three phases:

  • Phase 1: drive restoration
  • Phase 2: disk imaging
  • Phase 3: data retrieval
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If you understand drive-level, disk-level, and data-level issues, you know the terrain. But a successful PDR business is built on more than knowing the terrain + some fancy technology. We have proof. We have looked at thousands of data recovery cases for our PDR clients. 99% of the time, we find more data using the same technology. How?

We use a repeatable case recovery process developed over 20 years of field experience. We call it the PDR Workflow™ and it consistently delivers more data because it follows a scientific methodology. Imagine the know-how of the ten best PDR technicians you’ve ever worked with distilled into a case recovery workflow that makes every data recovery technician look like a pro.
It can be your process, too.


One of our passions is finding and building technology that solves PDR problems in a better way. Your PDR tool box needs to perform three functions: address all of the key causes identified in the 3D Data Recovery Phases & Issues; provide specific feedback loops needed to execute and tweak the workflow case process; and work fast enough to make your case recoveries profitable and safe so that you always get more data.

DeepSpar builds and distributes PDR tools that pass the PDR Certified™ test. They include DeepSpar Disk Imager and the PC-3000 family. 90% of all PDR companies use one or all of these DeepSpar PDR Certified™ tools.
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Finally. The nasty business of running the business. What pricing model should you use? When you have a difficult case, who can you trust to ask? Who can certify a junior PDR technician for you? Where can you find cracker-jack PDR technicians in a crunch? Does anyone have a process for dealing with the customer front-end?

The PDR Manager™ has field-tested products for the business of running your business—from the first call from a client to verifying data and invoicing. We don’t compete with you, ever. We are here to be your business buddy and make your venture successful.
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