The PDR Manager™

Not enough time to professionalize and automate your business operations?

PDR MANAGER™: Get yourself connected to a business buddy at DeepSpar on the important adventure of running your business with no diving accidents.

Being a professional data recovery company means creating a professional front-office process for your customers. It also means automating business operations so that you can handle more clients and more complex cases, professionally. Many of our clients are so busy recovering data that they don’t have the time to dedicate to professionalizing business operations.

DeepSpar can help.

The DeepSpar team has been in the PDR business for several decades – first, building PDR companies that do recoveries, and now dedicated to providing a PDR System to PDR companies. As your diving buddy, everything we created to solve problems for other PDR companies is available to you, our PDR Manager™ clients.

By everything, we mean sharing step-by-step what you need to get started, then what you need to get established and, finally, what you need to be world-class data divers. We walk you through the investment and the learning curve:

  • Real-world business models that work
  • The wisdom of using outsourcing partnerships to bridge your growth to the next level
  • Options for everything from technology to staffing to help you go deeper

We also provide confidential cracker-jack help on difficult cases (we help you solve the case - you still get the revenue!), a source of certified PDR technicians in a crunch, processes and technology for dealing with the front-end of customer engagements – all the things that help you descend with success.

We don’t compete with you, ever. We are here to be your business buddy and make your venture successful.

We can help. Contact us today.

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Get yourself or your team geared up with the best knowledge in the industry.

DeepSpar provides PDR training to PDR managers and their technicians worldwide. Get the goods straight from the industry experts all at once or as you need it - from PDR foundations to PDR Toolset™ training and PDR Methodology™ training. More...


DeepSpar PDR Toolset™ clients get the benefit of our PDR knowledge through our technical support program. We are accessible by telephone, e-mail, or DeepSparUser.Net to ensure that you are using the PDR Toolset™ to achieve maximum data and maximum revenue possible. More...