The PDR Certified Toolset™

Hard-core data divers always go with the best gear.

One of our passions is building and finding technology that solves PDR problems in a better way. Your PDR toolbox needs to perform three functions: address all of the key causes identified in the 3D Data Recovery Phases; provide specific feedback to run and tweak the workflow; and work fast enough to make your case recoveries profitable and safe so that you always get more data.

DeepSpar builds and distributes PDR tools that pass the PDR Certified™ test. They include DeepSpar Disk Imager 3 and the PC-3000 family. Ninety percent of all PDR companies use one or all of these DeepSpar PDR Certified™ tools.

The PDR Certified Toolset

Phase I: Disk Restoration

PC-3000 for Windows UDMA
by ACE Laboratory Russia

A set of industrial-strength tools developed by ACE Laboratory Russia and brought to you by DeepSpar. Diagnose and fix drive-level firmware failures, as well as some electronic issues, for almost any drive. 8 out of 10 medium and large data recovery companies use PC-3000. More...

Phase II: Disk Imaging

DeepSpar Disk Imager

This product, developed by DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems, is the first dedicated hard drive imaging device built specifically for data recovery, to handle disk-level problems. Dramatically improve imaging speed, accuracy, and integrity of retrieved data with DeepSpar Disk Imager.

Get more data with less risk. More...

Phase III: Data Retrieval

PC-3000 Data Extractor
by ACE Laboratory Russia

A software add-on to the PC-3000 system developed by ACE Laboratory Russia and brought to you by DeepSpar. PC-3000 Data Extractor diagnoses and fixes file system issues so you can get to your client's data. More...

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