Professional Data Recovery Solutions

There's a good reason over 80% of all medium and large data recovery companies in North America use DeepSpar solutions. That's because DeepSpar is focused purely on hard disk data recovery and forensics solutions. We give you more: more power, more control, and more data. But we also give you more service, more attention, and more of what you really expect from a data recovery systems provider.

From cutting edge technology to our industry leadership in methodology, services and training, DeepSpar creates a relationship with every customer that extends far beyond mere order-taking. We listen and adapt to give you the competitive edge you need.

Solutions for larger data recovery firms Services, support, and technology for companies that provide serious data recovery services to medium and large organizations.
Solutions for smaller data recovery shops Services, support, and technology for companies that want to develop hard disk data recovery services or already provide data recovery services to small-to-medium businesses.
Solutions for government data recovery departments Services, support, and technology for government agencies and departments that deal with sensitive citizen and security information.