The PDR Workflow™

Are you getting all the data?

We don’t think so: In 99% of thousands of data recovery cases that our clients asked us to troubleshoot, we always found more data using the same technology. Why?

In every industry, there is somebody who stands out. Like Magic Johnson in basketball or the Beatles in music. Was it his shoes? Their instruments? We don’t think so. People and companies who perform beyond industry standards use technology and training PLUS their own unique method - know-how, intuition, insight, experience – in a way that sets them apart.

In the professional data recovery industry, DeepSpar consistently outperforms industry standards by diving deeper and delivering more data on almost every case.

Is it simply our tools? No. It is the systematized and repeatable workflow that our technicians developed over 20 years of field experience across tens of thousands of data recovery cases.

We call it the PDR Workflow ™ and it consistently delivers more data because it follows a scientific methodology. Think of it as the know-how of the ten best PDR technicians you have ever met, distilled into a case recovery workflow that makes every data recovery tech look like a pro.

We have packaged our methodology so that it can be passed on to you to:

Improve your PDR technicians’ ability to use the PDR Toolset at a professional level.
Upskill or train PDR technicians quickly by putting them through PDR Methodology.
Gain confidence that you have done all the right things to get maximum data for your customers.

More about the PDR Workflow™

The PDR Workflow™ integrates a sophisticated set of knowledge, processes and principles into a closed-loop process that is managed by the PDR technician.

  • The Process: Each step of the PDR Workflow process has three stages – evaluate, recover, and validate.
  • The Common Problems: The PDR Workflow builds on the top common problems and symptoms in data recovery cases.
  • The Phases: The PDR Workflow covers, in-depth, all three phases of the DeepSpar 3D Data Recovery Phases.
  • The Principles: The PDR Workflow makes an intelligent trade-off between speed and safety and your ability to get maximum revenue from your customers.

Contact us: It can be your process, too.