Forensic Data Recovery Solutions

How DeepSpar Gives You More

Most forensic data recovery professionals (a) need to retrieve maximum data from each hard drive because the data is being used as evidence for court cases; (b) need to be able control the data – i.e. provide proof of who handled it when and where; and (c) need to be able to testify to the process that was used to extract the data. Because of the sensitivity of the data and the "chain of evidence" legislation, they are required to perform all of their data recovery operations in-house.

However, like data recovery professionals, forensic data recovery professionals are often dealing with storage media that are not in perfect condition, specifically those with serious drive-level problems. And without the in-house tools to do deep data recovery and the inability to outsource the DR function, important evidence is lost. 

DeepSpar has a team dedicated to ongoing R&D for the specific needs of forensics DR professionals. They provide a full 3D Data Recovery Solution for forensics DR professionals who need to address all data recovery problems– from drive-level issues to disk-level to data-level issues – in a secure, in-house environment.

3D Data Recovery Process Solution Components
Drive Restoration PC-3000 Drive Restoration System
Data Retrieval PC-3000 Data Extractor
Methodology The PDR Workflow™
Training HDD Data Recovery Advanced Class
Online Forum Yes
FTP Server Yes
Technical Support 3 months of free telephone and e-mail support Option: Lifetime extended technical support

Capabilities You Need

  • Data recovery tools for Phase I and Phase II of the Data Recovery process that will work with their current tools (primarily Phase III tools) to provide them with a complete in-house 3D Data Recovery system.
  • Specifically, tools that address drive-level firmware and disk-level issues, not just file-level problems.
  • Tools that do not require deep engineering expertise.
  • Onsite training for forensic DR professionals in advanced DR topics.


  • Before dealing with DeepSpar, most of our forensic customers are able to service only up to 30% of data recovery cases in-house. This means they are forced to send drives containing important evidence to outside DR companies.
  • With DeepSpar 3D, they will be able to service up to 60% or 70% of cases in-house, maintaining maximum control over the chain of evidence.

Why DeepSpar?

  • DeepSpar is the only company to provide 3D Data Recovery System for forensic Data Recovery professionals.
  • Customers: Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Centre for Forensic Sciences, Canadian provincial and municipal police forces, US Police Departments, US Army, Federal Bureau of Investigations, US Secret Service, Home Land Security and others.