About DeepSpar Data Recovery Equipment and Systems

DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems

DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems is an Ottawa, Canada-based company dedicated to providing "serious gear for data recovery professionals."

DeepSpar began in 2001 as a small data recovery service provider. Finding a lack of appropriate data recovery equipment and methodologies in the marketplace, the company engaged in increasing amounts of internal R&D to fill the gaps. As DeepSpar's in-house tools improved, they garnered interest from other professional data recovery service providers.

It didn’t take long before requests for those tools outstripped requests for DeepSpar’s services — prompting the company to restructure in 2004, winding down the service side of the business and focusing exclusively on building professional data recovery technologies. Since then, DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems has dedicated all of its resources to building field-tested solutions for data recovery professionals, emerging as the market standard in data recovery and helping hundreds of organizations grow their data recovery capabilities.

Message from the President

Andrei Shirobokov Our commitment is to providing the best knowledge and data recovery equipment to recovery professionals who, like us, are dedicated and committed to our industry. Our knowledge and experience extend beyond the product line to R&D, technology research, hard disk drive theory, and business management / consultation.

DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems research and development is focused on developing highly relevant technologies. Because we have extensive experience in the industry and the ear of our clientele, we know what tools will be useful for the data recovery professional.

Our training and technical support are unparalleled in the industry. Several times throughout each year, we train data recovery professionals from around the world sharing knowledge, theory, and best practices.

It is our mission to ensure that those professionals who are dedicated to the data recovery industry and are willing to commit their time and effort have a place to turn where they can obtain the best tools, learn best practices, and share information freely, and you will find this core philosophy throughout every one of our employees.

Message from the Sales Team

DeepSpar is an all-around service and technology provider. We are very conscious of the fact that our first-rate customer service is what sets us apart. We work hard to ensure that we provide the best pre-sale and post-sale service and support.

When we qualify potential clients, we are looking for those persons or organizations that are going to commit to providing knowledgeable, professional, quality data recovery services. We believe that every new potential client should accurately understand the data recovery industry and what they will need to be successful.

DeepSpar realizes that the need and demand for professional data recovery equipment and services is only going to grow as society relies more and more on electronic data storage. We see it as our responsibility to ensure that the global need for data recovery and related technologies (such as forensics and e-discovery) is met by professionals who are truly knowledgeable, capable, and able to sustain this important industry.