Deepspar Operations Server™

Information For Start-Ups and Small DR Companies

The Wrong Way: How It Is Done Today

starting a data recovery business,the wrong way

If you are a start-up or small company providing data recovery services, you probably have no – or hardly any – standard processes, templates, and documents for client management. You might manage every client engagement differently – which is time-consuming. And you likely feel you just don’t have the time to professionalize and automate your business processes.

The Right Way: DeepSpar Operations Server

starting a data recovery business,the right way

You might be starting a data recovery business and new to providing professional data recovery services, but DeepSpar Operations Server is not. This system has the right business processes for professional DR businesses built in. It knows how to manage the customer communication process – which questions the client needs to answer, which forms are to be filled out when, what the customer should sign.
  • Implement a professional client management process in hours – choosing only the features and workflow you need now
  • Instantly create a complete set of branded documents, notifications, emails, and other templates
  • Minimize the time you spend on customer cases by automating tasks that are time-consuming
  • Receive your first customer confidently, knowing you have the processes of an established, professional DR company
  • And maintain trust with your customers with a clear, simple, quick customer management

Is DeepSpar Operations Server too complex for my business?

Definitely not! DeepSpar Operations Server has an Installation Wizard that allows you to choose only the tasks, workflows, and documents that make sense for your business today. You can install and use only the features required for critical customer tasks and add additional features as you grow. Or, you can install the default application and have access to a full-fledged data recovery business workflow.

The three easy steps of installing DeepSpar Operations Server:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Congratulations!
Start the Installation Wizard Input your company information – name, address, and contact information. Choose processes, features, and documents you want to use – or simply accept our recommendation for small companies. You now have a professional, branded client management process! Receive your next customer with confidence.

What next? When you are ready, you can edit templates and documents to reflect your business and the way you want to communicate with your customers. We believe that a small data recovery company deserves the same professional tools, processes, and systems as large DR companies, so your version of DeepSpar Operations Server comes with ALL of the functionality you need. You can simply turn it on when you need it. And call us if you have questions.

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