Deepspar Operations Server™

Information for Large DR Companies

Do You Want To . . .

  • Allow your customers to see and select files online before you quote and before you recover data?
  • Upgrade your existing client management system with new capabilities?
  • Integrate with your data recovery tools and automate recovery processes and tasks that don’t need to involve your technicians?
  • Give your customers online access to download files, avoiding the pressure and time needed for burning media and shipping?
  • Give you a way to change your business model and charge for the work you do, not for the data you recover?

You are a professional data recovery business and you probably already have client management systems in place. Well done. There are some new capabilities that you can integrate with your existing system to increase your competitiveness and operations efficiency even further. Or, if it is time to replace your client management systems, you may want to start new with a DeepSpar Operations Server custom build.

The Wrong Way: How It Is Done Today

The wrong way of recovery business process

You have a sizeable team, all with some responsibility for client management and client expectations – sales, technicians, logistics. You probably have some business processes in place, but have you really automated your business to the point where your process eliminates miscommunication, errors, liabilities, and dissatisfied customers?
If yes, you might be wondering, “How can I improve operations without upsetting the balance of the business?”

Introducing DeepSpar Operations Server: The Right Way

The right way of recovery business process

With DeepSpar Operations Server, you can:

  • Implement critical individual processes – or the entire system – quickly
  • Integrate your existing business systems with DeepSpar Operations Server through the Windows scripting engine
  • Centrally store data from technology tools, business management tools and client communication tools.
  • Take advantage of full flexibility to modify workflow, documents, and templates to match your business processes
  • Make every customer satisfied – with professional, simple, and clear communication with everyone on your team
  • Maximize the use of your skilled technicians by freeing them up to focus on only the most critical data recovery tasks

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