Deepspar Growth Solutions

Grow your data recovery business with higher recovery rates every time.

How DeepSpar Grows Your Business

In our 15 years of experience, we have discovered two missing pieces in the confident growth of small-sized data recovery service providers to large full service data recovery companies with bigger clients, higher fees, and higher recovery rates. The two missing pieces are: 1) serious DR skills and tools that are required for more complex data recovery cases; and 2) professional customer-facing processes.

Problem 1: Growing data recovery companies have many tools and utilities for Phase III, some tools for Phase II, but very few tools for Phase I of the 3D Data Recovery Phases. This means that when they come across a hard drive with malfunctioning firmware or one that requires low-level diagnostics, they are not equipped – most data recovery companies are able to resolve very few cases related to firmware. With DeepSpar, they can handle almost all firmware cases.

Problem 2: Most data recovery companies focus on professionalizing their case management processes – they purchase new technology tools, invest in data recovery training, seek out the latest tips and tricks – but client management remains a frustration and not a priority. Many DR companies believe that fixing client management processes takes too long and is too expensive. However, client management processes that aren’t professionalized or automated are a significant source of mismanaged cases, customer dissatisfaction, possible liabilities, possible claims, and wasted time.

DeepSpar provides a complete system for successful data recovery companies that are serious about growing their full service DR business and want to solve these two problems. With DeepSpar Growth Solutions, you have the confidence that you get maximum data and have satisfied customers every time.

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How Does Deepspar Help You Get Higher Recovery Rates?

We have five ways of helping you increase your recovery rates:
  1. Confidence. Without DeepSpar, you may plug in a drive that is a difficult case and you can’t be sure whether you have really recovered everything you can. We give you visibility and explain – every single time you bring us a specific case – what to do to solve the case, or we will tell you with confidence that it can’t be solved.
  2. New Drive Recovery Procedures. There are lots of new drives on the market that have problems, but nobody knows how to recover them. DeepSpar is one of the first companies to discover solutions for these newer drives and publish its data recovery procedures so you can recover data from them.
  3. Recovery for Firmware Cases. Without PC-3000, one of the products in the DeepSpar Growth Solutions, most DR companies are handling pretty much zero firmware cases. With DeepSpar and PC-3000, you can recover up to 100% of firmware cases.
  4. Recovery for Partially Failed Drives. If there is something wrong with a drive and it has partially failed, PC-3000 will help diagnose and will be one of the tools you use to repair the drive’s mechanical or electronic problems.
  5. Recovery Experts. Whenever you need one, there is a DeepSpar PDR technician who will guide you through specific case problems. When an important case lands on your desk, you don’t have time to look through all of the manuals and forums. And if you did have the time, there are so many unique situations that the solution probably wouldn’t be covered there. We are here to do a deep dive with you and to help you diagnose and solve the case.
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