Hard Drive Diagnostics and Repair:
Phase I of the 3D Data Recovery Phases & Issues.

Drive Restoration: Hard Drive Diagnostics and Repair

This phase deals with drives that are not responding, and drives that appear functional and can be imaged, but produce useless data.

The solution is to diagnose the drive for damage and make repairs as necessary.

3 types of drive-level problems:

Problem 1 Mechanical problems. Most professional data recovery companies have tools and methods for addressing mechanical problems.
Problem 2 Electronic problems. Most professional data recovery companies have only a partial solution for addressing electronic problems.
Problem 3 Only the top data recovery companies have the experience and the resources to fix firmware problems.

The 3D Data Recovery Phases & Issues requires that you complement your current methods with tools and a methodology that consistently diagnoses mechanical and electronic issues and fixes up to 80%-90% of firmware problems.

We give you: more strength. You get: more data.

Fixing Phase I problems:

Methodology & Tools: DeepSpar recommends the PDR Methodology™ and PC-3000 Drive Restoration System by ACE Laboratory Russia, which can identify damage using diagnostics, reporting, and specialized utilities.