Hard Drive Imaging / Disk Imaging:
Phase II of the 3D Data Recovery Phases & Issues.

Data recovery Disk Imaging

This phase deals with drives that have read instability problems and bad sectors or are in danger of failure.

In this phase, the contents of the repaired drive are read and copied to another disk using disk imaging software and hardware. Disk imaging prevents further data loss caused by working with an unstable drive during the subsequent data retrieval phase.

Download white paper: "Disk Imaging: A Vital Step in Data Recovery"

Phase II problems

Most DR companies are using imaging tools that are designed only for use on "good" drives. This approach does not provide maximum data for three reasons:

Problem 1 The imaging software processes are so intense that they further damage hard drives.
Problem 2 The imaging software skips bad sectors and only copies good sectors.
Problem 3 The imaging software takes days or weeks to image bad drives.

DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems provides hardware and software imaging tools that handle disk-level issues.

We give you: more control. You get: more data.

Fixing Phase II problems:

Methodology & Tools: DeepSpar recommends the PDR Methodology™ and DeepSpar Disk Imager for this phase, because it uses lighter, faster operations to minimize disk degradation, even when reading bad sectors.