File System Recovery and Data Retrieval:
Phase III of the 3D Data Recovery Phases & Issues.

Data recovery Data retrieval

In this phase, original files that were copied to the image drive are retrieved using software.

Phase III problems

Using generic data retrieval / file system recovery tools, data recovery companies typically run into the following areas of difficulty:

Problem 1 They can't retrieve files because of a corrupt file system.
Problem 2 They can't guarantee the integrity of the files they have recovered.
Problem 3 They can't handle corrupted files that have been retrieved.

DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems provides tools that address drive-level, disk-level and data-level issues so that the maximum amount of data is retrieved.

We give you: more data. You get: more money from your clients.

Fixing Phase III problems:

Methodology & Tools: DeepSpar recommends the PDR Methodology™ and a number of tools to address the issues that arise in Phase III:

  • File system recovery: Corrupted file system structures such as corrupted directories or boot sectors are rebuilt using PC-3000 Data Extractor.
  • File verification: Recovered files are tested for potential corruption. DeepSpar provides a file verification tool that generates a report which can be delivered to the client.
  • File repair: If necessary, corrupted files are repaired if data could not be fully restored in previous phases, or if corruption has occurred because of partial restoration, disk imaging is repeated to retrieve more sectors.